*Note: Fundraising pages are a feature available to select international tour customers. Do you have a Tour Center? If that vocabulary sounds familiar to you, then you probably have the option to set up a Fundraising Page.

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Gift of Education personal fundraising pages

A step-by-step guide for participants

When you enroll on a WorldStrides tour, a fundraising page is automatically created on your behalf. You can customize your page and share it with family or on social media to help raise funds for your tour. 

Here’s how it works:

number1As soon as you’re enrolled, your MyTrip profile is created.
To access your profile, go to www.educationaltravel.com and login


number2This takes you to your MyTrip profile, where you can click on your current tour to go to the trip page. Once you are there, select “Gift of Education fundraising page.” 


number3The fundraising page shows your current status and the number of days remaining until the tour departure date. Click on “Edit Profile” to personalize your page with a photo, short personal statement, and a fundraising goal amount. Click on “Update profile” to save your changes.


number4Copy and paste the page’s URL to share with family and friends. When they click on the link you shared, they will be brought to a public version of your fundraising page where they can click “Submit donation.”

This is an easy and effective way to make travel a reality for more families. Contact our team at 1-800-771-5353 if you have questions or require assistance.