We are proud to offer student scholarships for travelers participating on WorldStrides faculty-led programs


We are committed to the learning that happens when people get outside their comfort zones and experience different perspectives through interaction with other students and cultures, and we want to make these inspiring and experiential opportunities available to all university students. The following scholarship awards are open to undergraduate and graduate students traveling on a WorldStrides faculty-led program. (Executive students are not eligible.)

Higher Ed Traveler Scholarship – $3,000

We understand the value of higher ed global travel and the positive impact it can have on a student’s future success, so we created this merit-based scholarship program in 2017 to allow more students the opportunity to make education abroad a reality.

When applying for this scholarship, you will be asked to submit a personal statement based on this prompt:

Explain the importance and impact of global experiential student travel in today’s society, and how this scholarship will contribute to you achieving your own education and career goals.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Scholarship – $3,000

We believe in extending the opportunity to learn through experience to all students. This scholarship is intended for students with identities underrepresented in education abroad. This can include, but is not limited to, individuals who identify as African American/Black, Hispanic/Latino, Asian American, Alaskan Native, American Indian, Native Hawaiian, LGBTQIA+, First-Generation College Students, U.S. Military Veterans, students with disabilities, and/or students at Minority-Serving Institutions.

When applying for this scholarship, you will be asked to list each of your identities that may qualify you for this scholarship and submit a personal statement based on this prompt:

Describe how engaging with your identities during your program will contribute to your personal and academic goals.

Natalie Shea Memorial Scholarship – $3,000

Natalie Shea was a beloved colleague at WorldStrides who became a friend to many. After graduating from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology and Russian Language, she backpacked her way across Europe and Russia. This experience further inspired her love for the study of languages and cultures, which ultimately led her to WorldStrides. Natalie’s passion for travel was infectious, and she was an enthusiastic supporter of higher education travel for all.

After her passing in the Fall of 2020, we wanted to celebrate her enthusiasm for travel, cultural understanding, and the Russian language by offering a scholarship in her name. Through Natalie’s legacy, we hope to inspire deserving students to explore the world through a new lens for years to come.

When applying for this scholarship, you will be asked to submit a personal statement based on this prompt:

In honor of Natalie’s love of exploration and foreign languages, describe how travel has allowed, or will allow, you to better understand a culture or language different than your own.

Deadlines & Application Process

Quantity available is based on departure date ranges. Please see table below.

Scholarships Available

Spring Departure:
Jan 1 – April 31

Summer Departure:
May 1  – Aug 30

Fall Departure:
Sept 1 – Dec 31

Higher Ed Traveler
1 0 1
Diversity & Inclusion
1 1 1
Natalie Shea Memorial
0 1 0
Application Deadline November 15 March 15 July 15


Application Process: 

  • During the application, students will have the option to apply for more than one scholarship; however, each student is only eligible to receive one scholarship award.
  • Selected applicants will be notified approximately 6 weeks after the appropriate application deadline.
  • Upon submission, each applicant will be asked to read and accept our Scholarship Terms & Conditions
  • Each scholarship application requires the following documents prior to submission:
    • Personal statement based on respective prompt (500 – 750 words)
    • Letter of recommendation
    • Unofficial transcript or letter of good standing from the student’s university


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