The following is a guide to choosing your fundraiser.

How long do you want your fundraiser to last?

In a WorldStrides survey, Program Leaders and directors say the ideal length of time to hold a fundraiser is usually one to two weeks. Shorter fundraisers  have trouble catching on, and students and parents may lose interest in fundraisers that last too long.

When should you hold your fundraiser?

When planning a fundraiser,  find out when other school and community organizations are holding their fundraisers. If the student government sells candy  for Valentine’s Day,  hold your fundraiser during another time. Keep in mind that your fundraiser  should be completed ahead of your final payment deadline. That way, that you can apply the funds towards your trip . Check with your WorldStrides or Heritage Performance Account Manager  if you aren’t sure of this date.

Do you want parents to help?

Parents and booster clubs can be a valuable resource when it comes to fundraising. Our Program Leaders and directors say they ask parents for help. Most parents will be happy to help if they know there is a need. Request assistance early by introducing your fundraiser at the first parent meeting.

Should you fundraise individually or as a group?

Individual fundraising efforts can include selling products or asking family and, friends for contributions through the Gift of Education.  This type of  fundraising can make it easier to allocate funds to each student’s account because they will have raised specific amounts. Group efforts, such as talent shows, raffles, silent auctions, and car washes, encourage teamwork and can increase community support. Both options are great, have the potential to raise significant donations, and give students the chance to make a strong contribution towards their trip.

Should you organize the fundraiser yourself or use a third party fundraising company?

Fundraisers you organize yourself are often more original, and students have a greater role in planning and promotion of them. However, they are also more work for the organizer and often require the assistance of a committee. Using a third-party company can minimize your commitment by allowing a personal representative to handle collecting money and distributing orders. A third-party company can also motivate students by offering points and rewards. If you decide to use a third-party company, check out our checklist on Choosing a Third-Party Company.