Choosing a third-party fundraising company can be confusing. There are thousands of companies out there eager to help you fundraise. It is important to do your research before selecting a company.  Here are a few questions to ask when considering a third-party fundraising company:

  • Do they provide a catalog and order forms for every student?
  • Do they provide items for the students to sell?
  • Will they take back unsold product?
  • Who pays the postage?
  • Is there a representative that comes to the school to talk with students?
  • Is there an incentive program for students?
  • What is the procedure if an order is lost, incorrect, or damaged?
  • How does the company comply with sales tax laws?
  • Can the program be tailored to your school?
  • What percentage of the profits goes to the students?
  • How responsive is the company if a problem arises?
  • Are there any hidden costs for freight, prizes, or overruns?

Check  with other groups in your area to that may have worked with the third-party fundraising company you are considering to learn more about their experience.

If you still have questions, visit our page about choosing a fundraiser.

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