WorldStrides believes that every child, regardless of background, should have the chance to learn through experiential travel. We are pleased to share a number of ways to help finance your child’s travel program. Read more about financial assistance for your trip.

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FLAG Financial Assistance

Our most popular financial assistance program is through the Future Leaders of American Government (FLAG) Foundation and offers $2 million in travel assistance to thousands of families each year. Find out more about our FLAG Financial Assistance program.

Helping Hands Scholarship

The Helping Hands Scholarship evolved from WorldStrides employees’ belief in the value of educational student travel, as well as our commitment to providing educational and travel opportunities to deserving students. Find out more about the Helping Hands Scholarship.

Scholarships for Performance Trips

Scholarships for performance trips are available to students traveling with WorldStrides Heritage Performance. Find out more about scholarships for performance trips.

Other Travel Scholarships

In addition to scholarships offered through WorldStrides, there are a number of other travel scholarships available. Here are a few additional travel scholarships.