Local, regional, and national educational foundations and non-profit organizations may provide substantial support for select student groups, based on need and the educational program of interest. You can improve your chances of being awarded a grant by identifying an organization with a mission that reflects the purpose of your travel program. Here are some tips on researching grant opportunities.


Check your library for publications about how to apply for grants and to find lists of organizations.

  • The Foundation Directory lists organizations according to state and topic. There are over 100,000 U.S. donors and over 2.4 million grants available.
  • The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance provides a listing of more than 2,200 federal assistance programs.
  • Finding Funding explores the process of grant writing and provides tips and resources for finding funding for school projects.
  • Beyond the Bake Sale contains ideas and step-by-step help to raise money for school organizations.


These websites serve as clearinghouses of grant opportunities.

Want to know more about how to write a successful grant proposal? Visit our developing your grant proposal page.